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"One Club" Information & Discussion Forum - Monday 23rd May 7:00pm

Dear Member, 

The club is holding an Information & Discussion Forum for the "One Club" proposal which will be held at the Fremantle United Soccer & Recreation Club House on Monday the 23rd May at 7:00pm.

See below discussion proposal relating the to the "One Club".

All members are encouraged to attend so you can understand & be informed on the "One Club" proposal.

The Fremantle United Soccer & Recreation Club "Executive Committee" look forward to seeing you on the night.

Please read the One Club Proposal below:


Dear FUSC Members

Discussion paper for a ONE Club Structure between FUSC and East Fremantle Tricolore Soccer Club (“EFT”)

For those of you who are not aware the FUSC and EFT (“the Parent Clubs”) entered into a Joint Venture Agreement early December 2014 to form a new club called the Fremantle City Football Club (“the FCFC”).

The FCFC executive committee is made up of 6 members with 3 members nominated from each Parent Club, who also contributed their respective Male and Female State League Teams in season 2015 together with a modest capital component to launch the FCFC.

The FCFC executive and volunteers then conducted trials to attract a combined group of junior teams in the under 12 to under 16 age groups, where 1 of each age group was fielded in that inaugural season, which proved to be critical in the FCFC’s success in securing a Junior NPL license for season 2016 in October 2015.

On behalf of the FCFC executive committee I have been tasked with presenting the outline of the ONE Club Structure, which for the most part is my own initial thoughts and does require further consultation and discussions with you all.

The JV Agreement between the parent clubs is the platform to work from, and if we look at the JV event as one of many stages towards a full merger, whatever that may look like, then let us consider the formation of the JV Agreement as “Stage 1” completed and discuss the subsequent Stages, proposed as 2, 3 and 4 below.

Proposed Stage 2

What: The registration of ALL playing members of the parent clubs (FUSC and EFT) and the FCFC under the one association of “The Fremantle National Premier League (NPL) Football Association (Inc)” (“to be referred to as the ONE Club”) for the 2017 playing season.

How: The parent clubs and the FCFC collectively

  1. (a)  submitting all of their current team allocations held by virtue of their association with Football West across to the ONE Club by written notice no later than the end of October 2016 (immediately following end of current 2016 season); and

  2. (b)  agreeing to allow the ONE Club to use the team names of:
    Fremantle United Soccer Club (or Fremantle United SC); and
    East Fremantle Tricolore SC (or East Fremantle SC).
    The registered business name of
    The Fremantle City Football Clubis already within the ownership of the ONE Club and therefore consent to use the team name is not required.

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(c) agreeing to pool their committee, coaches, supporters, volunteer base, playing and training venues into the ONE Club so that it may be administrated as ONE Club.

What will become of the parent club associations?

The Parent Club associations will continue to exist, whatever assets and liabilities they hold will be contained within their respective associations until such time as Stage 3 can be progressed.

The Parent Club associations will no longer have any affiliation with Football West as they will not be running any football teams, however, I have been mindful to ensure that should Stage 3 not progress, that the nature of how Stage 2 is structured will allow it to be reversed, so that the Parent Clubs can return to the position that they were in prior to Stage 2 being implemented.

The Parent Club associations will of course be required to have a committee and members, in the case of the FUSC there will still be life members, bingo and the darts club to make up its minimum 20 member requirement and in any event the annual AGM will occur late November 2016 for its usual election of committee members and other procedural processes.

In any event, the purpose is to place the parent club association into a holding pattern until Stage 3 is materialised, or not.

What will the ONE Club look like?

The ONE Club will hold a playing membership base I would expect to exceed 1300 players in season 2017, and head towards becoming the largest playing membership base for a Football Club South of River, currently that achievement is held by the Melville City FC with approximately 1400 members.

However, the purpose of creating the ONE Club is not about size (it helps the goal but is not the goal), it is about structuring up a membership base that can be serviced in a more professional manner, where the many, many roles, tasks and volunteers required to run a club can transition from that which is driven and supported by the volunteers who are prepared to sacrifice their time to the club, to an organisation that is run more commercially, with employees, dedicated to the aims and goals of the club and its members, on a long term sustainable arrangement, rather than the unknown from one year to the next arrangement as to who will still be involved with the parent clubs to keep it running.

At a practical footballing level the ONE Club will field teams across all genders and age groups proposed as follows under these team names in 2017:

  1. Mini-Roo Under 5-9 as Fremantle United SC

  2. Joey and Kanga Ball under 5 9 as East Fremantle SC

  3. Male (or mixed) Juniors Under 10 to Under 18 (NPL and others) as Fremantle City FC

  4. Female Juniors, Metro and Premier Teams as East Fremantle SC

  5. State League Men and State League Under 18’s as Fremantle City FC

  6. Social, Amateur and Masters Men as both East Fremantle SC and Fremantle United SC


The ONE Club management is proposed to be made up of:

1. An Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and no more than 3 additional Committee Members) The FCFC Executive; and

2. Numerous Sub-Committee’s, please refer to the team groups listed above:

  1. (a)  Mini Roo, Joey and Kanga Ball as one sub-committee;

  2. (b)  Male (or mixed) Juniors 10-18 as another;

  3. (c)  All Females (Junior, Metro and Premier) as another;

  4. (d)  State League (with the view towards NPL) as another;

  5. (e)  Social, Amateur and Masters as another; and

  6. (f)  Any other sub-committee as the FCFC Executive may endorse from time to time.

It is envisaged that no FCFC Executive will Chair any sub-committees to avoid conflicts of interest and preferential treatment of sub-committee interests at FCFC Executive level.

The sub-committees have been proposed as these groups to blend the two parent club committees across these interest groups as well.

Separate financial budgets are expected to be created allowing each sub-committee discretion to manage its own membership revenue sources to a large extent and in alignment with what the FCFC Executive determines as a percentage of overall revenue to be retained in the ONE Club account for its medium to long term facility upgrades and membership benefit initiatives to be determined.

For the avoidance of all doubt it is the writers view that the ONE Club should NOT endorse any financial arrangement as a whole that prioritises the State League Men’s or Women’s goal of becoming an NPL Team, as has been the case with other clubs, and that the ambitions of these groups are not to be paid for in full by the majority of the ONE Club membership base, hence the concept of allocating budgets to each sub- committee group to work with.

The ONE Club will derive all of its revenues from a combination of registration fees, commercial sponsorships and FUSC bar takings, and its expenses will be a collective of the parent clubs and FCFC current commitments that the FCFC Executive will seek to streamline to ensure the ONE Club remains in the black and solvent territory at all times.

Stage 2 in summary is heavily weighted in the area of back end administration integration and executive and sub-committee structures, professional internal and external financial management and streamlining of joint parent club resources. The front end of what the parent club membership sees remains intact to a large extent in preparation for Stage 3.

Proposed Stage 3

It is envisaged that Stage 2 will be a success in 2017, and that subject to sub-committee recommendations and FCFC Executive consultation, that in season 2018 ALL of the Teams of the One Club will be called Fremantle City FC with the exception of the junior players under 5 -9’s (who will continue as Fremantle United SC and East Fremantle SC respectively as they did the season before) and the Womens group as a whole.

The reasoning behind retaining these young age groups under the parent club team names are as follows:

1. We should never forget who the ONE Club parents are, ever, and that in the same way the FCFC started knowing who its parents were, so should in the writers view all of the future players of the ONE Club, they should be aware of the rich history both clubs hold and start their footballing journey wearing the parent club traditional strip colours, with a FCFC logo on the chest as well side by side. Once these players move to the older age groups and funds permitting the ONE Club will systematically produce new future playing strips with both the FUSC and EFT logos on the shoulder pads of every playing strip, in perpetuity.


2. The ONE Club will require the unilateral support of both the City of Fremantle and Town of East Fremantle for the provision of long term lease on playing and training venues so let us be on the safe side and preserve a team name that matches the local shires name.

What if Stage 2 was not successful in 2017?

Always a possibility 2017 won’t achieve the key goals set, the FCFC Executive at its discretion will continue to identify the issues to resolve, and resolve them in 2018. If there is a complete break down and no further progress or agreement can be reached, as the Parent Club associations are still intact and running then Stage 2 actions can be reversed with application to FW to advise who the head association is that will run the teams in 2018 and the ONE Club could either continue as the original JV club of FCFC or some other mutually agreeable arrangement.

Proposed Stage 4

Once Stage 3 has been in place for a period of time and it is evident that the ONE Club is running smoothly and harmoniously with such an exemplary group of FCFC Executives and Sub-Committee Members at the helm there may be a time in the future where the existence of the parent club associations is not required and they can be formally merged with the ONE Club association.

I would advocate that the Life Members of the parent club associations become automatic life members of the ONE Club.

The cash reserves that the parent clubs hold will also be transferred to the ONE Club on the basis that these cash reserves be dedicated towards their original purposes of facility upgrades for member benefits.

Next Steps

This is the ONE Club discussion paper to be presented at the information evening on Monday 23 May 2016 at the club rooms of the FUSC, 7pm start.

We do NOT have all the answers to all the questions that every single person may wish to ask in relation to the ONE Club structure, however, what we do have is a foundation plan to work from to have the parent clubs become better than what they are, and to survive and prosper independent of any one or group of individuals that may drive it, to be run as long term association for the benefit of all of its members of the Fremantle and greater region areas.

We invite all comments, suggestions, feedback on the basis that it is honest and constructive with the member’s interests at heart of both parent clubs at all times.

Yours sincerely

Maurice Oteri

President The Fremantle National Premier League (NPL) Football Association (Inc) Trading as The Fremantle City Football Club
Mobile: 0402 235 553 Email: 

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